Paragard Lawsuit: Things to know before filing paragard case!

Paragard lawsuit is a law designed for the women who were stabbed with paragard IUD. In this lawsuit, an injured woman can ask for a claim against paragard manufacturers. The paragard is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, which is a contraceptive device that prevents women to get pregnant. The manufacturers have introduced this outstanding device for controlling the birth rates but they fail to clarify how to remove this from uterine without causing any damages. If you are the victim of paragard IUD then there is a chance to file a case against the manufactures and ask for the remuneration.

There are millions of women across the world who reported the paragard birth control device as a life-taking device for them. Even some of them are seriously suffering from the damages and the complications. Due to such damages of the families and patients, the paragard IUD lawsuit introduced for the women’s welfare.

Paragard IUD- What it is?

Paragard IUD is a special but controlling device introduced by the Teva Pharmaceuticals. It is available in three standards which is T 380, T 380A, and Tcu 380A. This device is made of high-quality plastic with copper wire which usually interacts with the inflammatory system of the body and the uterus to control the sperm direction.

The manufacturers have established this formula with the 99% guarantee of preventing pregnancy. This device is controlling the birth but when it comes to removing it from the uterus it causing serious damages for the women. Why it is so popular in controlling the birth rate but it is also giving negative impacts.

What are the side effects of paragard IUD?

The paragard IUD device has given many benefits to the women but the following are the side effects that usually unbearable for the women such as:

  •         Pelvic inflammatory disease
  •         Vaginal discharge
  •         Pain
  •         Allergic reactions
  •         Menstrual cramps
  •         Difficulty in removing the device
  •         Uterine fracture
  •         Spotting between the periods
  •         Expulsion
  •         Heavy periods

Complications involved with paragard IUD

The woman is receiving a plastic tube wrapped with copper wire- used to control the risk of pregnancy. But if a woman becomes pregnant within the device implanted, it can cause ectopic pregnancy.  In such a case, women usually egg outside the uterus. Due to such condition, the pain and the severity of delivering a baby become doubled, and it can cause life-threatening bleeding problems and complications to the women.

Paragard Case filing details

If you are in the trouble after having implanted paragard device in the uterine. So it is not your fault. The manufactures have failed to warn you about the side effects and also they have not explained the removing properties. Hence, you are eligible to file the case against them. To do this, you need a best paragard lawyer who will fight for you and give you the best financial compensation you deserve.

Well, on the Internet and from the friend’s references you will find lots of options to choose from. But you need to find the attorney which has a good track record in similar cases, and you will feel free to share your problems with them.

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