As Software like a Service (SaaS) adoption is continuing to grow tremendously during the last couple of years, many purchasers using located applications have began asking the SaaS application vendors to supply data integration and connectivity abilities. For a number of reasons, mainly driven by small business, clients are searching to tightly integrate their data within the SaaS application using their on-premises back-finish systems and databases.

In recent several weeks companies have experienced an growing demand from your customers for simple, fast and versatile SaaS integration solutions. Mainly these have focused on integration needs from customers using Salesforce and NetSuite applications however we have seen other SaaS apps along with the whole market encounters growing adoption.

We’ve had numerous discussions with numerous SaaS vendors who’re searching at just how whenever they approach this complete issue of integration. It certainly appears to surprise the SaaS companies because they have mainly centered on allowing the best, feature-wealthy application they might and also have not given much considered to integrating the client data using their internal systems.

Listed here are the important thing aspects of advice we provide to those SaaS vendors:

· Just like any other business issue, approach SaaS Integration like a STRATEGY and never a tactic.

· What this means is come with an finish goal in your mind when it comes to where you need to be around your integration abilities and address the immediate customer need in ways (tactic) that puts yourself on path for your finish goal.

· Address this need and also be your abilities within an incremental but multi-phased approach.

· Generate professionals since Integration is difficult, difficult and sophisticated.

When it comes to possibilities to SaaS vendors are :

· Option A: SaaS vendor provides integration services

· Option B: SaaS vendor publishes XML/Web Services interface

· Option C: SaaS vendor refers people to Certified Partners

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