Learn About the Role and Responsibilities of CMM Machine Operator

A CMM stands for a coordinate measuring machine. It is used for the measurement of the geometrics of any object. This machine is controlled via an operator or independently via a computer. In this article, we will learn more about CMM Machine operator and how does it work.

How did CMM machine work?

A CMM machine measures the precise dimensions of an object by computing the change in length between moving axes placed around this object.

Precision is dependent on the machine as well as the operator’s accuracy. It is not measured in microns. Its price depends on the model, make, and size of the machine. CMM machines are industry level products. They are available via specialist companies.

Groupe Meloche is a company founded in the year 1974. This company functions in the aerospace industry. This company has in total of 4 production units, and more than forty CNC turning, and machining centers. This company offers a good salary and pay perks to its employees. Their impressive work culture makes it a good recruitment choice.

What is the role of a CMM operator?

The CMM operator helps to control the CMM machine by way of placing the item on the CMM system. It operates the software and also record of the items measured to be used in reports. It is helpful in keeping the machinery completely clean and ensures that it works smoothly.

As this machinery is used for the measurement of items for security reasons, the operator has to be highly confident with working on computers. This provides him the assurance to possess good geometry and mathematical skills.

What are the qualifications of a CMM operator?

There are no qualifications needed for an employee to become a CMM operator. They should possess the basic skills that are gained by attending a short course from 1 day to 5 days.

The operator gains experience, efficiency, and speed in operation of the CMM machine, and also perform repeat measurements with great ease. Experienced operators can even get CMM accreditation.

A wireline CMM operator performs for gas, mining, and an oil company. He provides his services under the direction of a senior employee. It deals with the machinery, or equipment to increase the flow of material in oil or explore mining operations.


CMM machine is highly needed in the organization, and so is the CMM operator. If you are thinking to become a CMM operator, this information will prove to be helpful for you.

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