The number one choice for trusted and intuitive Surveillance Station software is software by Synology. Their solutions offer possibilities to connect nearly every type and brand of IP camera to a fully interconnected surveillance network. Moreover, they offer NAS external storage units that allow you to store surveillance footage safely. Upon purchasing and installing a Synology NAS system, two camera licenses are included. However, you may need to expand your network as your scope of surveillance is growing. That is when you need additional license packs to cover your needs.

Luckily, purchasing a Synology license is not a matter of weeks or days, but minutes. At least when you choose the right reseller to purchase your license packs.

Quick and easy installment

Naturally, you don’t want to be waiting for your license packs to be used after purchasing. That’s why trusted and authorized resellers such as Innocam offer 24/7 service and access to newly purchased license packs. They have been an official Synology partner for over nine years and know the process of issuing camera license packs inside and out.

Through the reseller’s website, you can get information on the installment of your new license packs as well as additional compatibility and more. However, when you run into issues, they can be contacted and asked for support.

24/7 access to your license packs

One of the great things of purchasing your Synology license packs online is the speed with which you are in the possession of your packs. After placing your order, you’ll receive your license by email upon which you can start to expand your network. You’re therefore not dependent on any human-based service and can get started anytime.

The automation of issuing license packs benefits customers in their need for dynamics and compatibility. Scaling up a surveillance network can thus be done in just a short amount of time. This fits the expectations of a fast-paced business that is up and running every day of the week.

1, 4 or 8 pack


Depending on the number of IP cameras you want to add to your surveillance network, you can either choose to purchase 1, 4 or 8 packs licenses. These packs correspond with the scaling of your network and vary in price. When you decide to purchase one of the packs, doing so through a trusted reseller grants you access to thorough service and customer support upon installation.

When you decide to purchase your Synology license packs online, make sure to select an official and authorized reseller to prevent scam licenses or lack of support. Consult the customer service when you run into any issues with connecting your IP cameras and count on decent knowledge and information from your chosen reseller.