Employee time theft is common in business, especially when employees are not getting enough supervision. The result is low productivity, high turnover, and wastage of money and resources. Businesses that can keep records of their employees’ time have better productivity. Proper time tracking makes it easy to know when employees report to work and if they are using their time effectively. This helps monitor performance and enhances productivity and greater workflow. So, whether you are managing a small or big company, having employee time-tracking software like Monitask puts you in a better place. Here are the reasons why you need the software.

Workplace Transparency

The software helps you manage activities in business. You can easily know what workers are doing and the time spent doing a specific task. It helps you manage projects and make important decisions. As the manager, you better understand the workplace and how employees work. It is also easy to know the already completed tasks. Transparency enhances productivity and work progress.

Prevent Time Theft

As mentioned, employee time theft is common, especially in businesses with no supervision or remote working. Companies lose billions of money every year from paying for the time that is unaccounted for. Hence, your business needs to find a way to reinforce time. The software comes in handy to monitor work time to ensure everyone is working as required. You will know when an employee clocks in and out.

Reduce Negligence

Employees don’t know how much time they spend on social media and other unproductive activities. However, with software, everyone can take responsibility and avoid negligence. This is because they are aware that performance is being recorded. The software keeps them time-conscious and reminds them of their accountability. This way, they have something to show for their performance.

Improve Performance

Another reason why employee time tracking software is crucial is that it allows you to evaluate employee performance. You can track the hours a worker has been working and compare it with other days. You get a detailed report of the hours the workers have been active and inactive. The report lets you know who is working more and whose performance is reducing. You can encourage the workers with low performance to improve. In short, it helps you discover employee strengths and weaknesses.

Meet Deadlines

Today, businesses have projects with close deadlines. That means everyone involved must stay focused within the period to meet these deadlines. Using employee time-tracking software helps you manage work orders and manage workflow. This way, you can assign tasks better without overburdening your workers. You can assign tasks, and the required time an employee should take to complete the task.

Set Priority Tasks

Your company carries out various tasks in a day. However, some tasks are more important and need to be handled quickly. Others take time to complete but have longer deadlines. The software allows you to categorize the tasks to ensure you efficiently meet the deadlines. You will know the most important tasks that should be handled first based on urgency.


In simple terms, employee time-tracking software is crucial for businesses. It enhances productivity and an easier way to monitor employees, including remote workers.