Open source solutions are making it big in the context of CI, and the phenomenon promises to get bigger and better as time flows by. As an erudite app developer, you must intend to create worthwhile applications and shun the frailties as well as defective configurations. This is where KICS will come forward with the assurance of utmost security scanning, done in a seamless manner.

Scalable scanning at your fingertips 

With kics, infrastructure as code project, you are going to have the strength of free as well as fast scanning facilities. These capacities will add oodles of stability in the code analysis process. As developers, you should be able to count on it because it will be easy to run as well as easy to install in the system. As a matter of fact, you can integrate the findings effortlessly into the CI which you are working on. 

Assessment of API 

API designs form an integral part of the code authentication processes which you often have to take part in as a developer. KICS security scanning will ease up this ordeal which you shoulder almost on a daily basis. The scanning process might be a bit time consuming but it will help you get rid of intricate and erroneous configurations. Having this technicality with you means that you have a second pair of eyes on the coding tasks you have been doing.

Keeps the code secure 

Be studded with the leverage of kics you can rest assured that your codes will be more secure than they ever were. The codes will be appropriate for open source infrastructures. Besides, you can go on with the functions of IaC scanning as well. The technology will prove to be a blessing when you are dealing with a native project. You can apply the security scanning features to enforce as well as helm a string of systematic review processes.

The ultimate takeaway

As an avid enthusiast in the realm of open source solutions and KICS, you might benefit potentially from the points furnished here. As a value-added technology of this era, kics, infrastructure as code project will help you achieve seamless integration with all the major IAC platforms. Even if you are going through a wide spectrum of work flows, you can rest assured that your codes will get the edge of perfect scanning. You will also gain the added advantage of the best API centric design processes.