An IPstresser refers to a tool which is designed in testing a server or a network for its robustness. It allows the administrator to run a stress test to ensure the resources that are existing such as the CPU, bandwidth are enough in handling extra load.

Testing the server or network is one of the stresser’s legitimate use. When you run it on another person’s server or network, resulting to the denial of service, to the users’ legitimate use, is regarded as illegal in most countries.

Booter services

Also known as booters, booter services are DDoS on demand distributed denial of service attack services that are offered by criminals who are enterprising so that they bring down networks and websites. It means that, boosters are the IP stresser’s use which is illegal.

IP stresser that is illegal normally tend to obscure the attacking server identity by using proxy server. The proxy is used to re-route the connection of the attackers while ensuring the IP address of the attackers is masked.

The boosters are packaged as the software as a service – SaaS, often while having youtube tutorials and email support. Packages may offer multiple attacks,  one-time service within  certain period of time or an access that is lifetime. One month basic package might cost about $19.99. The payment options might include Skrill, credit cards, bitcoin  orpaypal. Though it is known that, paypal will cancel accounts in case of proving a malicious intend.

Difference between botnets and IP booters

When talking about botnet, it refers to a computer network with the owners being unaware of their computers having been infected with malware and being utilized in attacks of the internet. The botnet can be referred to as the DDoS for hire services.

The booters normally use the botnets in launching attacks but with getting more sophisticated, they tend to boast of a lot of servers that are powerful, with some booter services being placed in helping to launch the attack.

What are the motives behind the denial of service attacks?

The denial of service attacks are normally many: the skiddies having to flesh out their skills of hacking, ideological conflicts, business rivalries, government sponsored terrorism, and the payment for the purpose of extortion attacks.

Bitcoin is at times utilized as it offers the ability to be able to disguise identity. One of the disadvantages when it comes to bitcoin, from the point of view of the attacker, is that, there are very few people who utilize bitcoin as compared to the other options for payment.

Skiddie or script skiddie,  is a term that is derogatory for internet that is relatively low skilled vandals employing scripts or programs which others have written so that attacks can be launched on websites or networks. They normally attack well known and those securities that are easy to exploit without having to consider the consequences.

The reflection and amplification attacks

Amplification and reflection attacks tend to make use of traffic that is legitimate so that the network is overwhelmed or the server ends up being targeted.