The one way that can get you high quality link building in no time!

We all love seeing our website on the top of search page. It is a dream for many. Such is the situation that near to 91% of websites fail to get a single organic visit in their lifetime. And thus, we invest thousands of dollars to get the best link building services possible. We crave backlinks because we know they are vital for a website’s growth. But what if we tell you that there is a way that helps a website get hundreds to millions of backlinks in no time? Yes! We call this method – “Diving into a controversy”, says PerfectLinkBuilding USA. It works gracefully, but when it hits, it hits hard too.

Social Experiment – look for a brawl happening in your town. Observe for some time and then push yourself in. Take a side and stand with it. Observe how you get many people linking to your ideology.

Controversy as a way to get high quality backlinks!

When we talk about barging into a controversy, we talk about two consequences –

  • some people will come more closer to you and
  • some people will go further away from you than they were before

This same risk gets carried when we try to capitalize on a controversy to get backlinks. We do get backlinks, but alongside we lose some potential customers too. However, for a business, it is always about gaining gradually by small margins.

Another thing to note here is that capitalising on controversies works best for websites that already have a customer base. The reason? Because rarely will your voice will be heard in the digital noise if you already are not famous.

So, how to walk this eerie path to get backlinks. PerfectLinkBuilding USA says that if you are new to this digital world then you might need the help of the best link building services to get some quality backlinks. Otherwise, here are the things to take care of.

The first step is to know the audience!

It all comes down to this simple maths – how much will you gain and how much will you lose?

Try to know your audience and their ideology. We are not speaking about politicising the whole internet. Where there are social matters involved, one must always stand for the right. It helps the business in the long term too.

For example, if you deal into beauty products and see racism being on the rise, it is time to take your stand. Just as we have seen ‘black lives matter’ recently, it could be capitalized by taking the positive stand on the controversy. No wonder you can get millions of backlinks right there. What will you lose? A few politicians or smugs alone.

Analyse the situation!

As we have said earlier too, a business must always consider its social responsibility. Never wear glasses of gold on your eyes before looking at things.

Know your company, know your audience, and know the take you think is best. Controversies do not always involve matters as serious as the one discussed above. It could be a simple brawl between two celebrities that have grabbed the attention from around. You can capitalize upon it.

Know how many people are in favour and how many are against it, advises PerfectLinkBuilding USA. See which side fits best to be your customer base. Once you get the maths done it is time to dive in.

Choose the right platform!

If the whole world is discussing things around a controversy on Twitter then there is no point taking your stand on Instagram about it. This is why businesses generally get advised to have social media presence across different platforms. It helps using different platforms to grab different types of audience at different points of time. Observe any big company and you’ll find it being present across all the social media platforms!

Know when to stay neutral!

If you find that your core customer base generally thinks otherwise, it is time to take yourself out of it. But then you might simply ask, “why not to just take the stand that the core audience is taking?” Well, you might lose your potential customers at this point. What you have gained already is anyhow going to stay with you if you stay neutral. But if you take a stand, there might be a population that can decide never to seek your services.

You sure might have heard of a famous brand getting criticised for taking a controversial stand and thought, “why could not it just stay silent?” Ask any of the best link building services and you’ll get advised about staying neutral rather than taking a stand.

The impact of social media clues!

It was some years back when Google had announced that social media clues get used to decide search rankings. What are social media clues? These are the hints that users leave on social media around a brand. If people are cursing a brand on social media, it will impact its search ranking too.

This is another reason on why you must walk with care around a controversy.

Blend with other influencers!

You may talk to other influencers and discuss the controversy. It will help you both get a wider range of audiences. When things go right, this audience turns into a potential customer base and backlinks get created. For example, if your company deals into beauty products then you may ask a YouTube creator (who has a large following and captures beauty and lifestyle) to speak about your company’s stand while making a video on that controversy.

These things work, very smoothly. But just as we have told – stay out of controversy if you do not already know how to handle things. According to PerfectLinkBuilding USA, Controversy is like two blades of a scissor. If you know how to handle it, you can create craft and beauty. If you do not know how to handle it, you can chop your fingers down.

This strategy usually forms part of a digital marketing social media campaign. If you are diving into it, or thinking about it, the chances are you already have a digital media team. If you haven’t already thought about investing in SEO and best link building services, think of it now. The age to come is going to turn everything digital and experts can come like divine or gurus for a company.

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