Social Media Your Way: How Yubo Is Bringing Something New to a Crowded Space

Connecting on the internet has become the new Town Square. When you meet someone, you likely want to know their social media accounts so that you can stay connected.

Yubo is a live social discovery platform that first found its way onto the internet in France in 2015. Pioneering the social media world in terms of live-streaming moderated audio and video recordings, Yubo quickly found its way into more than 140 nations on the planet and homes of 60 million users.

Now considered one of the biggest trending social media platforms on the web, everyone is wondering: what’s the latest at Yubo, and what is to come next?

Let’s dive into the world of Yubo to analyze a few things the company is doing well while underscoring what they plan to do in the future.

Inside the Innovation of Yubo

As a live social discovery platform engineered to connect to a Gen Z audience, Yubo does things a little differently. The platform doesn’t engage with Likes and Follows, nor has users chasing an endless friends list they need to fill. Instead, Yubo prides itself on being social media that simply makes it easy to connect with friends, colleagues, and family members.

Innovation With Live Content Moderation

Appealing to a Gen Z audience means providing its younger users with a space where they and engage with one another in comfort. To help facilitate this goal, Yubo partnered with the tech giants at Hive to help develop live moderation capabilities.

Hive works by recording 10-second audio clips for quick transcription. Once this information is parsed into text, an AI scanner will decide if any exchanges rise to the level of a Terms of Service Violation. If anything increases to that level, a Safety Specialist is alerted to look further into the issue and to determine how the incident will unfold. If no actual violations are found, no action occurs. All flagged content is set aside in storage for up to a year.

Take It Down” Empowers Users

In the internet age, a single moment can be captured for years. “Take It Down” is a service pioneered by the NCMEC as it seeks to help minors or adults choose and remove explicit or inappropriate images from the platform.

The “Take It Down” system works by scanning hash for matches between the original image provided by the injured party and any potential matches on the platform itself. Once this scan is complete, the photos are removed from the venue.

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