Whether the teams are the different departments of a company sitting in the same building, across buildings and nations, or from various other companies collaborating, the critical requirement is to collaborate cohesively. The collaboration between Microsoft Teams and Signeasy has made this much easier to implement than it has ever been before. Now can make use of this excellent combination for connecting with teams, global or otherwise, enabling them to collaborate via teams and channels, encouraging sharing and collaborating from a single location, raising team productivity by using the many integrations, and getting quick and easy document verification and electronic signing of documents.

Furthermore, the Signeasy and Microsoft Teams integration via Signeasy for Microsoft Teams has made it even faster to share documents, whether for review, signing, or collaboration, all from the Teams’ interface. Users no longer would need to toggle between screens to send a document for signature. And can enjoy this freedom on laptops, desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Use it with any multi-user channel in teams

Any signature for approval or endorsing of documents of any kind can make it quick and easy with Signeasy’s eSignature for Microsoft Teams. This is because users can use the Signeasy app for document signing in channels or link with any multi-user channels within Teams.  This integration will enable the users to quickly accomplish all tasks, including document signing and sending out requests for the signing of documents from a single interface, that of Microsoft Teams.

Mobile phone enabled

The Signeasy has been created especially for use with mobile phones, and it works just as smoothly on a tablet. It integrates perfectly with the mobile-enabled Teams app, and  Signeasy has an intuitive interface that allows its users to send reminders and make requests for signatures even when the users are on the move. Irrespective of where the users are, they can use their phone or tablet to get the benefits of the seamless integration between Microsoft Teams and Signeasy!

Accomplish it quicker

Shorten the turnaround time by ensuring that all teams and members are organized, connected, and on track with their tasks.  Use real-time collaboration to achieve this via Microsoft Teams and then finish with the signing using Signeasy, fight from the Teams’ Interface.

Be toggle-free

Signeasy for Microsoft Teams is all set to perform where work happens. Users can easily send documents without toggling for approval, finalization, review, signing, and any other purpose from the single Microsoft Teams interface.

Automate mundane jobs

We’re using Signeasy’s Teams chatbot to assess how many documents are lined up for signatures, how many signed documents still need to receive, and so on. Within Microsoft Teams, one can get notifications and status updates for various things, such as pending documents and document progress. The chat-based digital assistant helps to go through requests for signatures.

Never again spend hours tracking status

Getting a full status update regarding signature workflows is accessible using the real-time chat notifications available via Signeasy’s Teams chatbot.

Signeasy advantages

  • Signeasy can be used from the channel employed to communicate with the It is faster and easier for team members to collaborate when it is done from the Microsoft Teams interface to get documents approved, signed, reviewed, etc.
  • Teams chatbot from Signeasy helps to smoothly and quickly handle tedious admin tasks in no time.  These could be tasks like a listing of documents awaiting signatures or those sent out for others to sign.
  • Real-time chat notifications provide visibility into signature workflows.
  • Use chat to keep workflows organized by sending signature requests through it. Team members can open, view, and even affix their eSignature to the documents from the Microsoft Teams interface.
  • Add the Signeasy app to the channel tab or the messaging extension to easily access it and, in the process, save a lot of time.


Signeasy for Microsoft Teams makes signing documents and requesting signatures a quick and easy task.  Signeasy’s collaboration with Microsoft Teams helps to keep a tab on the status of the various documents in signature workflows. Having the collaborating teams accomplish tasks faster by keeping them on-task, connected, and organized becomes easy. Individuals can send requests for signatures and documents from the Teams’ interface with no need to toggle, but just to continue to work where it happens.