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Live Stream Platform Yubo Shows Social Safe Space for Gen Z Possible

Yubo is creating a truly safe space for Gen Z with real safety measures and meaningful solutions. They’re on a mission to give Gen Z a place online to hang out with friends, learn about life, and express themselves.

Community-Focused Solutions

Yubo networks with global government agencies and organizations like:

  • Good Thinking
  • Cyberbullying Research Center
  • The Diana Award
  • e-Enfance

Together, they run joint initiatives on the platform to educate users and encourage a sense of ownership as they keep the platform a safe space. The company meets with advocacy groups and listens to how social media can do more to protect some of the most vulnerable among us.

Location Protections

Gen Z users can choose to show a general location like their city. Or they can block this information. They can also choose to restrict who can find them on the platform, which could reduce the risk of cyberbullying.

If a user tries to share personal information on the platform, a popup blocks the action. It asks them to rethink if that’s a good idea. In some cases, it may be okay. In others, they may not know the person they’re sharing the information with.

No Third-Party Advertising

Unlike other social media platforms, Yubo doesn’t rely on third-party advertising to maintain the site. Instead, users can sign up “freemium”-style. Then, if they want more visibility and interesting content creator features, they can pay for premium access.

Communities Based on Age Groups

Content that may be perfectly fine for a 21YO Gen Z user may be misunderstood or even dangerous for a 12YO Gen Z. This can be true even if that content doesn’t break community rules.

All users will have a better overall experience if they’re with people of a similar age.

So, the company uses AI-driven age verification technology to put users into communities of people who are close in age. They do not see the content of people in other age groups.

Artificial intelligence is able to view a new or existing user’s picture and identity if either:

  • The picture itself looks suspicious OR
  • Features of the person in the picture don’t match the age they gave

If the technology thinks there is a mismatch, it may ask for additional verification of age. Since younger Gen Z probably won’t have a government ID, the verification required varies by country.

Human Moderators Real-time Intervention

Real people employed by Yubo view the content streaming on the platform all day. They stay vigilant for users who aren’t respecting community rules. These human moderators have the ability to immediately intervene when rules are broken.

This creates a deterrent. No Gen Z user wants their live stream to be cut off with a message that they violated platform rules. AI technology helps moderators spot unsafe activity faster and more efficiently to reduce the risk of inappropriate content staying on the site.

Users are also encouraged to value the safe space nature of the platform and report users who are creating an unsafe environment. All these overlapping protections work together to give Gen Z users the safe space to explore who they are and want to be on Yubo.

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