How to cut energy bills in the office

If you own a business, then you’ll know just how much money needs to be spent every month to keep things going. Many of these costs are necessary including paying staff wages and renting an office space but some things you’ll have greater control over. This includes cutting your energy bills down in the office, which has been a major topic of interest given the energy price rises over the past year.

It’s estimated that small to medium-sized businesses will use anywhere between 15,000KwH and 65,000KwH of gas and up to 50,000 KwH every year, which could cost you a fortune to pay off, so if you’re looking to cut down your energy bills in the office and save a bit more money to reinvest in your business, then we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a handy list of some of the easiest ways you can cut your office energy bills.

Insulate your space

Throughout winter, you’ll most likely need the heating on at some point to keep your staff members warm but you’ll want to limit the amount of time the radiators are on for. This means making your office as efficient as possible by using expanding foams like these to make sure no heat is escaping. This should help to keep the office warmer for longer, which will make your bills significantly cheaper

Use electricity sparingly

Although electricity is essential for your business to power lights and computers, you’ll want to make sure you’re using them sparingly. All electricity should be off when a device or room is not in use and a great way to do this is to install light sensors that are only triggered when people enter a room or use a device. If you don’t have the budget for this, however, educate your team on what you expect from them and make them switch off devices when they’re not in use.

Install LED lights

These lights work far more efficiently than other bulbs, which means they don’t require as much energy to power them. Swapping out your old lights for new ones is also a relatively inexpensive way to make an office more energy efficient too, so most businesses should be able to find the money to invest in this.

Try any of these methods now and you’re most likely see your energy prices start to drop within a month or two!

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