How To Change Android’s Font Size To Magnify Text

How To Change Android's Font Size To Magnify Text

Google allows plenty of customizations on Android phones, including the ability to change the font size. Here’s how users can access the setting.

An Android phone is remarkably easy to customize, and one of the ways to do that is by making the system font size larger to magnify text. This is quite handy when reading glasses aren’t nearby or if the phone is at a distance, perhaps mounted on a stand or propped up a little out of comfortable visual range. Making text bigger might be a style choice as well and have nothing to do with difficulty in reading.

With the Material You design, Android 12 has greatly expanded the user’s ability to change the appearance of their phone without needing to download any apps. Google now favors larger buttons, more white space, and rounded corners. Quite a few animations have been added as well, easing the user into the next screen or layout. There’s an option to choose system colors based on the current wallpaper or background image, making an Android phone feel more personal. Additionally, the home screen can be set to use larger icons, making everything feel less cluttered.

With Android 12, Google changed how users can adjust the system font size and make text larger almost everywhere, barring certain apps. With this feature, Android phone users can make reading text more comfortable or allow others to see the information on their screen more easily. To adjust the font size, the user should open the Settings app, then select Accessibility. Tap on Text and Display and then select Font size. A page will appear with a single slider below sample text. Dragging the slider to the left makes the system font smaller and dragging it to the right enlarges text.

Android offers another, potentially more useful type of resizing called display size that can make everything smaller or larger, including text, images, and controls. In this case, everything on the screen can be made larger and it works across all apps. The control is similar to the font size slider and the page has a sample that demonstrates what the effect will look like. The user can search the Settings app for Display size to access this feature.

There are plenty of users still running an older version of Android and Magnification is a less nuanced alternative that makes everything larger without changing the display layout. This means that only a portion of the screen is shown at once but it allows very high levels of magnification. It can be set up to have a movable magnifier window or to fill the entire screen. This is usually only useful for those with a vision impairment who prefer high levels of magnification. The Magnification option is found under Accessibility in the Settings app and is available on old and new phones as well. With this, Android phone users have three kinds of font size control that can be used to customize the display and text.



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