Factors To Consider When Making An LED Wall

With an LED wall being the latest technology in home entertainment, many have taken to investing in them even if they are relatively new. Depending on your needs, one may install a large screen or multiple screens for different purposes.

Installing an LED wall can be tricky, depending on what you want and where you plan to place it. Many factors should be considered as each room has its unique requirements. It is also important to assess the layout of a room to maximize the use made out of it without hindering free movement.

Read below before you plan your LED wall:

  1. The number of people using the space and their frequency

The number of people who will use the area and how frequently it will affect the LED wall you install. If a single person lives alone, you can afford to go for a bigger LED wall, while if there are multiple users, it is best to go with smaller screens.

  1. The purpose of each screen

Each screen has its unique use and requirements. For instance, the main screen may be used for work in an office setting, while the two others can be used as a presentation and video conferencing tool. In an entertainment room, all screens would offer unique home theater experiences just like movies do in theaters.

  1. The desired layout of each screen

The layout of each screen has a huge impact on the type of LED wall you install. In a small space, it is best to have screens that face each other instead of those that face the room as this will not give an open feel. In bigger rooms, it is okay to have one screen that faces into the room as long as two other screens face each other.

  1. The amount of light in the room

By assessing how much light is there in a room, you will choose a suitable LED wall. For instance, if it is a dark space like a basement, go for one with great contrast (darker blacks and brighter whites). If you want excellent color reproduction, then go for one that has better brightness.

  1. The desired size of each screen

In order to have the best viewing experience for a room, you must consider the size of the screens and their position concerning where people will be seated. One large LED wall may suffice in a small space, while in a bigger space, you can install multiple smaller ones.

  1. The distance at which people will be seated from each screen

The distance of the seats to each screen is something you need to consider, especially if you want a truly immersive experience. In a smaller space, 3 – 4 meters away from the screens would suffice, while it is okay to go as far as 7 – 8 meters in bigger spaces.

Wrapping up

There are many factors to consider before you make the plunge when it comes to LED walls. It is best to consult an expert if you want a great viewing experience without having difficulties with installation or any other aspect of using this amazing technology!

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