A Few Tips To Know Before Buying A Car Charger With a Camera

A lot of individuals are concerned when it comes to security because we cannot deny that some people might have intentions of stealing our belongings. This is not usually done out of their habit but most of them steal from other people due to financial stability and we are all aware that we need money for survival. However, this is also the root of someone’s wrong deed that’s why he became a thief even if it is not what he wants to be.

I guess this is also the reason why it is common nowadays to install hi-tech surveillance cameras at home and in commercial places in the city. These security cameras are even smart enough to capture and detect movements not only during the day but also at night, biometrics as well as sounds. That’s how advanced our technology is and you may not even know that a hidden car camera for charging mobile phones is installed so can work as a dashcam.

Well, these spy cameras are attached to your chargers and nobody will even notice it because the size of the lens used for recording is usually tiny. However, these are very powerful and work like the ones installed in your homes so if you would like to know who is eyeing your automobile, then I suggest you get this stuff. Security systems are important anyway because you want to keep your property and belongings safe so you better find out more about this amazing technology.

Why do you need one?

Well, this can be used for charging mobile phones of course, and at the same time for your security purposes. You’ll be using this device on your vehicle and spying on yourself doesn’t make sense so let’s assume that you just wanted to keep your belonging secured and capturing unexpected situations is a plus. Having strict security at home would be nice but let’s add more to it by plugging our car cam chargers.

We don’t watch our vehicles 24 hours a day so it would be great to have this device on our behalf. When you are not around, you’ll get the chance to review what was recorded anytime you want to even in real time. If something went wrong, then you’ll know where to find potential evidence for the culprit so other people cannot deny their actions.

Using this plug-and-play device is easy and the overall design is not that different from the usual auto chargers. The quality of videos, how wide it is viewed, the clarity of images or audio, memory storage, and other features will all depend on the brand or manufacturer of your choice. So choose the specifications well and be very sure that this would result in useful footage.

What about a car charger with cameras?

These cams are small devices that you can hide and install in the chargers which you usually plug when charging mobile phones as you drive around – look at to know how to find them. This will be used to record videos and audio as well so the driver, passenger, and intruder won’t have any secrets to hide as the device will be recording the moment. The recording is automatic but it has to be plugged into the socket used as cigarette lighters.

Some of these are designed with motion sensors which means that they will only start to record when movements are detected. This is a good way to save time since the footage captured won’t be a waste. Keep in mind that it comes with an SD card for storing footage, while others can be connected to Wi-Fi so you can view this and save it on your computer or phone.

By the way, you’ll surely have a variety of options in the market because many people have started learning about these devices. You’ll just have to be meticulous and detailed since different designs or models come with unique features. I guess you have something specific in mind which would be helpful when choosing a unit.


It is very important to check on the details of the item that you would like to purchase to avoid wasting money and if you want to expect better results from it. You may get the cheapest one but you might regret it after finding out the outcome so if this is solely for security, make sure that you can get the best that you can afford. In this way, the device can be useful, especially for emergencies, and won’t disappoint you after checking the footage.

First of all, look at a full HD resolution and it is best if this is higher so that the quality would be better as well, thus I suggest you get 1080p and above. Next would be the view that it can capture which is very important, too, and if the field can get a wider angle, then that would be great. The frame rate is also considered and it must be higher so that capturing will be smoother which means that you won’t be missing less than zero frames for each second – this site will tell you more about resolution and fps.

Don’t forget that you can save this on the memory card and make sure to choose a bigger storage capacity or if you have better storage options, you may consider that. Anyway, with bigger storage, you’ll have more rooms to save, though you can always make a backup on your pc when it is full. And then, check on the battery life as well because it has to be longer even when it is usually powered through the battery of your vehicle.

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