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Which is the Easiest to Earn Money on Facebook ? The answer is social network’s “Sponsored Stories” settlement which is of $20 million.

On the Weekend Facebook users received email notices about how they can earn money from the social network’s “Sponsored Stories” settlement which is of $20 million.

how toearn 10$ from facebook


Did not understand what it is, Let me explain, Each Facebook member make $10 or less from the deal, The more people sign up and tap into the settlement pot the more money will be given out to the Facebook Users.

Read The Official Statement. If you still are confused or don’t believe if it is true.

“The amount, if any, paid to each claimant depends upon the number of claims made and other factors detailed in the Settlement,” according to an email sent on Friday. “No one knows in advance how much each claimant will receive, or whether any money will be paid directly to claimants.”

However the whole $20 will not be distributed among the Facebook users. First, some charges and expenses like fees of Lawyers will be deducted from the $20 million after that the remaining amount will be divided among Facebook members.

Let’s take an example to make it more clear and comprehensible. ” Assume, The Net Settlement Fund consist of $12 million, and there are 1.2 million Authorized Claimants, So the amount of Fund will be divided on the number of claimants, in this case the payment to each Authorized Claimant will be $10. The amount can be less the $10, if the Net Settlement Fund $12 million, and the claimants are more then what we assumed in precious example let’s say 2.4million then, the payment amount will be $5, Although Court’s Approval is Mandatory and may change the dividend amount.

Enough talking about how much one may get and let’s get to the important part that is how to get this occasional incentive. And How to sign up and get in line of Claimant to get a share in Sponsored Stories settlement money? Well , you have to fill and submit a form, Of-course first you have to Download it , You can find the Link it at the End of the Post . After completing the form Submit it. and you are good to go, Although you much submit the form before May 2 to be eligible to receive money.

But if you don’t like this and against all this then you can sit in the opposite by submitting an formal objection to the court. But, Again the last date is May 2nd. So, either side you are decide to give your support to, Choose before the mentioned date. The hearing is on June 28 which you can appear at. There are no restrictions.

  You ca either fill and submit form online Via this link  Claimant Form on the settlement website. Or you can also Print the form and send it via mail. Choice is yours.

See the Picture to Learn that how the Sponsored Stories work.