If you want to Watch Super Bowl XLVII on the iPhone or iPad then can use Apps or gadget from Verizon which will stream home TV to an iPhone or iPad without any charges. If it is not possible for you to watch this year’s game between San Francisco 49′ers and the Baltimore Ravens, tomorow On Sunday The February 3rd.


Then don’t loose heart because you might not be able to see the game on you Big screen with you friends or family but you can watch it nonetheless, on you iPhone or iPad. Well, it’s still better then nothing.

CBS is going to stream the Super Bowl on Sunday to users on a computer, but in order to watch the game on your iPhone  or iPad You will have to use an App. And without wasting anytime let’s just get to the main point.


How to Watch or Stream Live Super Bowl 2013 on iPhone?

Well, Answer is easy for the users using Verizon iPhone as Verizon has launched an official App that will stream Super Bowl Live to your iPhone and some iPads, but iPhone and iPad users buying a Slingbox can also get entertained by watching the Super Bowl on the iPhone. All credit goes to Verizon’s NFL Mobile app. The app is totally free, but users will have to subscribe first to watch the Super Bowl on the iPhone. and the subscription fee is $5/month.

Now, What are you waiting for, Just Download this app pay the little fee and watch the 2013 Super Bowl on iPhone. The Verizon’s App gives you full support of live streaming of the Super Bowl 2013  right on your iPhone or iPad. However it is sad that this opportunity is only for Verizon Customers not for the customers on the other carriers as well as iPad users owning WiFi only models.