Twitter has released a new iPhone app in the App Store, and it is called Vine. According to Twitter, “Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.”

Vine is not an out-and-out video sharing service, but it is a way for users of The Twitters to share short video clips with followers. The limit is six seconds, and the short video can easily be embedded in the same manner in which photos can at present. The recorded and then shared video runs in an infinite loop and is ideal for those funny moments captured on an iOS device.

Currently, Vine is only available for those on iPhone and iPod touch devices, but will be heading to the Google Play Store, as well as the stores of other platforms in the near future. Unlike your animated .gifs, the six second clips offer full audio, whether viewed on the Web version of Twitter, or the official App. Android support should be forthcoming.

When videos are viewed on the desktop, audio is muted as standard, which will save a lot of users an unwanted surprise when at work. The app uses iOS 6’s Twitter integration to add your account when you first open it, but a Vine account is technically separate from your Twitter account. It imports the info from your Twitter, but Vine is its own social network. You can share to Twitter and Facebook, and more sharing options are coming in future updates. The app lets you find friends on Vine by searching your iPhone’s address book as well as Twitter and Facebook friends.

The app only records when your finger is on the screen, so you can tap and hold until your 6 seconds are up. It’s a very easy, intuitive way to shoot quick bursts of video on a touchscreen. Sound is optional. Third-party Twitter apps like Tweetbot can still play Vine videos, but they have to be loaded from the web interface instead of playing directly in embedded tweets. It looks like Vine is supposed to be the Instagram of video. Other apps like Cinemagram have tried to fill this gap, but Twitter’s Vine may finally be the app that really catches on.

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