When you buy a new phone, you should always want your phone contacts and your messages in your new phone transfer easily. In the old days these things are more difficult and painful to store your contacts one by one typing in your new phone but now in the new age its possible to make things easy and fast. Here is the guideline to transfer your contacts from iPhone device to Android device. These days Smartphones are much reliable and much easier to do your work in vast range. This guide should focus on main principles how to use other platforms.


Ready to Setup

First off you should have a Google account to do this process, So if you have already then no need to sign up otherwise you should sign up here.
Before you pick your new Android phone should plug in your iOS device to computer via iTunes. If you do not have iTunes then you should download first iTunes from  here. After plugging your IOS device open the tune, using navigation tab click on “info” tab. Here you can find syncing options. The first thing is you go to contact syncing tab and check the box “Sync contact with” after that select Google contact from the dropdown menu. This selection will allow you Google and Apple contact to be updated with names, numbers and email addresses. The old phone contacts are now recognizing as Google contacts.


For those of you switching from Android to iPhone, simply plug in your primary phone, navigate to the Contacts page, click the Menu button, and select “Merge with Google”. Now all of your phone contacts will be ported over to your Gmail account.

There is suggestion that if you login to your Google account you will see your contact list is now larger then before, here you can see duplicate contacts and un mange. You should change their names and also delete the duplicate contacts. Google also has a two which is Marge contacts which is same for deleting contacts. You will click the “more” button with the downward arrow (near the upper-left portion of the window) on your Gmail contacts page, a drop-down menu will appear with option  “find and merge duplicates.” Selecting this option, Google automatically search your contacts for duplicate contacts, So you can delete.

HOW to Transfer Contact

Now you have your organized contact in your Gmail as you want. If you have already started with your new phone and stop it then fine but if you did not set up your new phone here is some step to set up your new phone.

When you boot your new phone, it should for sync your Google account. If you give there your Gmail account detail where you saved your organized contacts will automatically copay your contact to your new phone.

If you already setup your new phone then no problem at all. Go to your setting menu and scroll down to “Accounts & Sync” option. This option shows you, how many account you have and synced with this phone. At the button you will see the button “Add Account”, click on it and add your Google account where you saved your organized contacts. After adding your Google account, you will see its automatically start syncing. You should use automatically section open to auto sync your account when you add a new contact on Google or your phone.

This is the easy way to switch the iPhone to Android with your Contacts.