You may be very keen to know about the best and most must have instant messengers IM apps for iPhone device. As well you may be interested to get you chat on via AIM/MobileMe, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, Jabber, MSN/Windows Live and/or Google Talk. At this stage you need to know that which client supports what and how well? Here are TOP 5 recommendations.

1: Beejive IM

The most ever famous IM Clients for iOS which supports about the entire famous messengers one can use or can think and customizable easily. It is very reliable and trustworthy now days as it was so many years ago as I have user-friendly and good experience using it on my BlackBerry. So this becomes primary choice for most of people since a long time and no change in demand till today day. Beejive IM supports so many features like; custom backgrounds, chat bubbles, multiple account support, push notification, picture sharing, and with more actions. No need to go to chat room available on different websites, Use it with confidence, you will find it efficient any time. The longest session time makes it more popular i.e. 7 days equals to eBuddy also supports for 7 days, so you can save your time that could be used in reconnecting. The user of higher choice also prefers it due to its support for more clients from others.   Enjoy Beejive IM supports for Aim/MobileME, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook IM, Google Talk, MySpace IM, and MSN/Windows Live for just at the cost of $9.99. Download Now

2: eBuddy Pro

This IM client has also huge user support due to its support for so many good features like push notifications, themes, picture sharing and other must have features. User can also use free version that is ad supported with limited features so try firstly free version before investing in full version. eBuddy seems to be same just like Beejive IM with personal preference. The layout and setup of Beejive is preferable but the 2nd best option is eBuddy no doubt.

eBuddy support for following clients: AIM, MySpace IM, ICQ, MSN/ Windows Live, Google Talk, Hyve, Yahoo Messenger, and Facebook. Full version cost for just $4.99. Download Now

3: IM+

IM+ also one of the famous clients for iPhone with a large community like above afore said eBuddy and Beejive IM. IM+ supports as much as clients as above two can with mostly same features as previous are with some unique features like facility to view the twitter feeds with advance chat histories i.e. to view chat history either from your device or on the web. This make it handy tool for those who required to save chat history for some work use or for other use. Try free version before using full version.  IM+ can support following clients: Skype, Jabber, AIM, MSN/Windows Live, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, ICQ, and MySpace IM.

The full version cost for $9.99 only. Download Now

4: Verbs

This Client doesn’t support about half the features when compared to above TOP 3 Clients but still a good and trustworthy client due to fine and amazing User-Interface so one should also keep in view this client while deciding the any client depending on the need and likeness of user. The addition of additional support with same features will make it hot favor client for user. It supports local notification which means on closing app for multitasking will results in closing of receiving the notifications. That’s why most of user avoid to use this app in daily routine. Updating the version in timely manner may led to increase the bandwidth of user. It supports for AIM/Windows Live and Google Talk with low cost of $2.99 only. Download NOw

5: KIK Messenger

A free app with ease of user-friendly behavior with quick push notification but limited to same Client i.e. other user must have KIK Messenger. The facility for cross platform is positive aspect across iOS, Android and for BlackBerry but at the same time limitation for linking AIM and some of other popular Clients. Best for limited needs makes it best for use and other must have Kik to talk. Enjoy this free app. Download Now

Official IM Reference

Best for those who use only one chat service and prefer official iPhone app for such purpose, this app list is perfect choice for them

AIM: AOL instant messenger available in ad supported free version   and fro $2.99.

Windows Live Messenger: Support the Yahoo and Facebook with social feeds for Facebook, Twitter and access to Hotmail, all just for free.

Facebook: Provides free facilities like: built-in chat, feed, places, messages, events, groups, photos and even more.

Twitter: Provides direct messaging DM instead of IM. A free app for chatting with 140 characters limit. Enjoy it for free.

Skype: Use for chat on text base as well for video calling for free.

Myspace: A free app that gives user access to many features like: chat, updates, photos, comments, messages and others.

Your Choice

We have provided you the best of IM apps for your iPhone. Select the app as you required by viewing your needs.