iPhone already comes with a standard calender apps. But there are many third-party applications available that make tracking your tasks and events much easier.

Choosing the right calender apps for your needs does take some researching as not all apps in this category offer the same features.

How to choose the right iPhone calender apps:

By using calender apps you can take advantage of to manage your events and track your tasks. Here are some of the factors you may want to pay attention to when choosing your next iPhone calender

  • speedstability
  • user interface
  • customizability
  • search
  • sync features
  • voice support
  • alarms & reminders
  • special features
  • developer track record
  • location-awareness
  • universal apps
  • price

Followings are the top 5 calendar apps of iPhone:

  1. CalenGoo: This App comes with a amazing interface and this App also makes it easy to manage your tasks and events on Google Calender right on your iPhone. It also offers offline editing of tasks is possible. You are going to have to get a free Google account to start using it.
  2. Fantastical: Fantastical for Mac is a fantastic tool to use to add and keep track of your events. The DayTicker saves you time keeping up with your events. It works with Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange.


  1. Week Calendar: It is an iCal style calendar for your iPhone. It has almost everything one would want from the default iPhone calendar. Works with MobileMe, Outlook, Google Calendar, Exchange, and CalDAV.


  1. Saisuke: A very powerful app that could come in handy for project managers and business professionals. Works with Google Calendar as well.

  1. GoCal: This App is specifically for those of you who are hooked on Google Calendar. It lets you plan your work, set up your events, get SMS reminders.