Top 5 Apps in US Are of Google, Which are Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, Gmail and YouTube with millions of Visitors


According to the recent published data and statistics the top ten mobile apps in the U.S. for the month of December are owned by Google. These ranking is conducted on the basis of the number of unique visitors on an App. The results stated that the Top 5 most visited apps of This December are produced by Google.


These Are the Top 10 Most Visited or Popular Apps of December 2012.

  1. Non-Google as Facebook is on top with the 85.5 million unique visitors.
  2. Google Maps was second with 74.6 million unique visitors
  3. Google Play was Third with 61.5 million unique visitors
  4. Google Search with 60.6 million
  5. Gmail with 53.9 million
  6. YouTube with 52.6 million
  7. Pandora Radio
  8. Apple iTunes
  9. Cooliris
  10. Yahoo! Messenger

YoutTube was removed from iOS By Apple Also the Google Maps. Apperentely Users wanted these app so they downloaded them from the Stores thus making these two, the 2nd and 5th popular App and most visited and downloaded from the month of December.

The reason behind the Facebook App being the Top Most Visited in the U.S, is that users tend to invest more of their  time using these social networking, Report tell that U.S. mobile device users spent 23% of the time using Social Networking Apps in December.  According to the Charts the  Facebook app is more "sticky" than Google's mobile apps in the U.S. Users spent 10% of their time on the internet, on the apps from made  by Google. In Short, U.S. mobile device users spent one of every 3 minutes using an app in December was on an app created by Facebook or Google. The Statistics have been provided by the comScore.