Today I’m writing this topic on Top 10 Apps on App Store at the day of Christmas. Apple has been so generous this year as the company has given Millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches as gifts to number of people, moreover the same number of Apps have been discounted on App Store. It is no surprise that there was a huge increment in app downloads this Tuesday and it has made top apps on App Store with greatest number of downloads ever.

The fact is, app analytics firm Distimo observed that on the day of Christmas (December 25th), the daily downloads in the Apple’s Store increased by 87% compared to average download inn the month of December 2012. What are those popular apps that everyone downloaded?

Well here is the list of top 10 most downloaded Apps in the App Store this year by Distimo’s data, the top 10 most popular apps (in 40 countries) on Tuesday were:

Well, there is no wonder why YouTube and Google Maps are on the top of the list as they once used to be stocks apps of Apple and surely are of great use. Also Skype of fifth spot and Instagram of ninth aren’t big surprise as they are very popular among users. But about others they really are a surprise to me, in fact I never used most of them.

Distimo also found some other interesting statistics: iPad’s App Store downloads revenues have been increased by 140% and 83% on the day of Christmas, this due to as more and more people are shifting to Tablets and hugely due to discounted rates of millions of apps on Store. The tablet has been a trending topic for many days on Twitter.

Are you guys going to download these apps?