Temple Run 2 was released 2 week ago first on iOS and a 24 hours later it was launched on Android as well. And just with in 2 weeks, after its launch the game has been downloaded 50 million times. By the 50 million downloads with in the  time period of 2 weeks Temple Run 2 became the most fast downloaded game in the history.

Temple Run proved to be most than just a successful title for Imangi Studios. Temple Run was also based on the Indiana Jones adventure like story and similar with Temple run 1, Temple Run 2 is also based on the same story line with the addition of some things, these new additions proved to be the secret for the success of Temple Run 2, and they turned into the features which tempted the users to use this app.

I have tried Temple Run 1 and now i am trying Temple Run 2 by myself as well. And as a gamer i found this second installment more interesting than the previous one because of presence of many new things in story line. And i found it quite additive as well, because once when you start playing you don’t want to stop. You just want to go on.

Well if you haven’t tried this wonderful app yet, grab up your device and open app store and download it immediately . This app is free for everyone, so just download it and at least try it once. Do let us know about your experience when you tried Temple Run 2, whether you liked it or not.