Springtomize 2 was released yesterday for iOS user’s. This is among one the best jailbreak tweeks at present which is available for users. Yesterday, after it’s release a large no of user’s downloaded and installed it. Right from the beginning that once they have installed it they are facing icon problem. The icons became larger than there original size which was before installing it.

In order to resolve this issue the developer of this app, released an update v1.4.3-1. This update resolves the big icon issue. If you are among those people who were are facing this problem just download this update version to get rid of icon issue.

Springtomize 2 is very useful app because with the help of it you can customize a no of things in iOS. With the help of it you can customize icons, you can customize your dock as well, you can modify screen lock as well, beside all this it also gives you the features  of Panaroma and HDR as well.

Further more this update has got some additional features as well. It resolves big icons issues. It disables multi tasking if not working properly with ease. Well, if your big icon issues is resolved than that’s great. If this update hasn’t helped you do let us know.