It has been already been rumored that iPhone 5S is coming in anytime around in 2013.With this introduction into the world of technology many other big marketing and product giants are striving  to associates themselves, in a way or the other, with iPhone 5S.The main feature these manufacturing giants want themselves to be hooked up with iPhone 5S,is certainly its voice recognition feature called Siri.Since Apple has invented Siri feature to their iPhone devices, it has been a hot cake for consumers, and it has certainly inspired other smartphone manufacturers.


In recent days, it has become more than a marketing tool to associate various products with Apple. Likewise Honda has just confirmed that their upcoming fleet of vehicles in 2013 will be empowered with the powerful tool of Apple voice assistant Siri. This new feature in Honda is named as “Eyes Free”. Honda has decided to install this feature in their upcoming models including the Honda Accord RDX, Acura RDX and ILX. This feature will be put on demand by the customers other he will be getting the features that are company recommended. This does not mean that it is not company recommended but still it’s up to the customer choice whether to get it or not.


Honda has announced in a press release that this feature will be available only for iOS 6 users, as they have a point to prove. Apple announced late last year that iOS 6 will have an App named as “Eyes Free”. This feature is not available in previous versions of iOS.

Earlier in the end of 2012 it was also announced by General Motors that their new vehicles in 2013 will get Siri app for voice assistance program. Other vehicle manufactures like Audi, BMW, Benz has also announced Siri app in their upcoming vehicles.


Now certainly it is concern towards its price and most importantly about the road safety perspective. This will surely be out in coming times after a series of test drives of these vehicles.