Christmas Eve is on its way and I am sure it will bring a lot of surprises with it as it always has. Like the Christmas gifts the games of Christmas which includes the famous character Santa Claus are also being waited for by the kids all over the world. The review which I am going to give about is the famous Christmas game which most probably be liked by the gamers especially kids all over the world is “Santa Catch 2013”. Many people especially kids were wondering what will the reviewers will say about this new game launched this year on Christmas. I am sure by reading this review in which all aspects and most importantly its astonishing features have been discussed will help you to know about this game more accurately.

Santa Catch 2013 [Android]According to the survey done by me of the reviewers who have played this game has said that they pretty much appreciated the graphics, sound and more importantly its background themes. This game has the most prominent feature which a gamer of today will like to have in his game is of platform compatibility, as this game can be played on all the versions of Android which are 2.2 or above. There is no lag shown or experienced by the gamers who have played this game and has also said that it runs smoothly on any smart phone which have android platform. Moreover, a question about how much disk space is required is also answered as many gamers who don’t want a game to occupy lots of their memory space. This exciting and entertaining game only occupies 12 MB space of your phone memory, which I think is not much to enjoy playing this game after installing in your cell phone.

Reviewers have also praised the work done by the game developers who have made such an exciting and entertaining game for the kids this Christmas. It is must sure thing that anyone who starts playing this game will get addicted to it. The kids have also liked the feature of this game which is it speeding up and get more challenging for you on every stage. The power ups for Santa Claus in this game which increases your health status and score is in the form of coins and toffees. The graphics of this game give a natural feel of winter as it is snowing and Santa is jumping, flying and skating catching coins and toffees to stay alive in the game. The main challenge of this game is that you have to cover more distance to make a high score.

Running santa clausKids as well as toddlers like to play this game all day long and they don’t have to worry about the power consumption of your phone by this game as it takes a very few amount of your battery if you play it for a long time. Due to this important feature the reviewers have said that this game will bring a new revolution in Android games as mostly other Android games consumes more power of your smart phone. So, do install this game this Christmas and enjoy getting addicted to it.

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