Sand Slides is the Puzzle game which is launches on android. It is a easy game but it is very hard to master it. Purchase this game for $ 0.99 and have fun.

A lot of games run on Android. The gaming section of Android is vast enough that anyone an play game according to their own interest. It includes puzzle, fighting, football, cricket and many other types of games. It is experimented that Puzzle Games has been the most playable games in recent times. A new interesting Puzzle Game naming “Sand Slides” which has a large iOS user base is going to be launched today on Android. Like all puzzle games, Sand slides is easy to pick up but its really hard to mater.

The game contains

  • Three containers at the top of the screen
  • Three hoppers at the bottom

The objective of the game is

  • To move the sand that collects at the top into the proper color-coded hopper

It looks very simple but you have to be inventive o keep the sand going in the right direction. The game has some other features too. There is also a cool background and music for the gamers. If you are really interested to play this puzzle game then go to the Play Store and purchase it. It costs only $0.99.