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How To Wirelessly Stream Music, Videos, And Photos Among Samsung S3 and Smart TV

Samsung has an streaming system called Allshare its proven not to be as better as Apple's but still this AllShare system has some quite amazing features including the one that lets you wirelessly stream content like music, videos, and photos within your Samsung Devices devices within seconds. AllShare enables users to share media within their Smartphones, ...
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Root your any Android Device with SRSRoot

Now! You can Root you any Android Device using with SRSRoot software. it support most Android Device. In market you can found lots of chines, Hawaii etc Android Phones and Tablets but there is not such feature found to root the device from their website or anywhere. SRSRoot, roots Android Device simple & easy and its ...
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Samsung to Launch New REX Series Phones

Samsung has now new target market in mind. After successful competition with Apple, now Samsung has targeted Nokia with the announcement that Samsung has announced its brand new Rex Series in completion with Nokia phones. This will surely be an interesting completion in the world of smartphone industry. The new REX series, as announced, will be ...
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A Handy Way Of Wireless Charging To Samsung Galaxy S3

Developers have been working on smartphone innovations and majorly they work on Android based devices. The core purpose for such developers is to minimize the built in limitations and dependencies of the user towards its software or hardware. This time with Samsung Galaxy S3, they have invented a way to charge the device wirelessly. Today I ...
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