As every body know that Samsung is a south Korean multinational company, which produces multiple brands which ranges from Smartphones to other home appliances as well. As we have seen that Samsung is rising up day by day by the past couple of years. They are giving a really tough time to their rivals.

As per news now Samsung sues LG in Korea for “tarnishing its corporate image”. LG is also a south Korean multinational company. It’s also counted among top 4 companies in south Korean along with Samsung, SK Group and Hyundai motors.

As the heat of competition is rising day by day even on a very minute mistake, one company sues other. Samsung filed a case against LG in court that they had tranished its corporate images. This whole dispute started from the series of adds. According to Samsung the information in those adds were not right.

Samsung made its point of view that all that was not accurate. This whole dispute make up because of the display comptetition between Samsung and LG. Samsung is looking forward to win 50 billion US $ if they wins this case.

The dispute was about to be over but it started once again when Samsung took legal actions on the OLED display of LG. All this issues rose up previous year when LG claimed in advertisement that they had made a refrigerator with the highest capacity while the one with the max capacity was of Samsung.

Well, let wait to see what happens next in this story. Will Samsung be able to prove LG wrong in the Seoul District Court or will LG be able to survive the allegation of Samsung. Stay tuned and keep in touch with us for more updates on this story.

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