Here is the A Detailed Design, Display and Software Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5, With Pictures and Videos

Hi Everyone, today we will be doing a detailed specs, design and display comparison between iPhone 5, Galaxy s3 and Samsung’s latest model of S series the Galaxy S4. As we all know that there has been amount of history between these two companies ever since the launch of Samsung galaxy s1 and iPhone 3g, Both companies the Samsung and Apple have been trying to subdue the other or achieve supremacy in the smartphone market.


Lets See the similarities and distinguished aspects of these three devices. Just to remember we are not comparing these three smartphone with each other , rather it is a comparison between iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and then Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy s4. simply put we are comparing the old devices with this new one for the purpose to see what new, better and more offering and appealing things are in.

So, Lets Start the comparison , and Start with the design of the smartphones.

We we are looking at the design of the smartphone we can overlook the fact that iPhone 5 has metal body whereas Samsung’s both models are made of plastic bodies. And normally people got for the metal body phones. Plastic body of Samsung Galaxy S 4 and s3 has its own perks, its too light, Reduces the weight to minimum. However it still is not as strong as the iPhone 5’s aluminum body.


If we talk about size and weight then Galaxy s4 leads both both phones. Samsung Galaxy S 4 measures in at 7.9mm thin and 130 grams in weight, It has a 5 inches Display screen whereas Galaxy s3 had a 4.3 inches. Apple claims its iPhone 5 to be lighter and thinner, that it is but Galaxy S4 has a larger display so there isn’t much of a comparison there. Overall, Galaxy S 4 isn’t dramatically different from the Galaxy S3, there has been some small design changes only which maybe won’t enough to attract the attention of buyers. But those who are already into Samsung’s S series then you will love it and should buy it anyway.



Now let have a look at the Display features of these three devices.

Galaxy S IV or 4 has a 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, it highly impressive and remarkable it sports a higher resolution of 1920 x 1080, and its more sharper and clear in details. Its definitely far more better then iPhone 5’s 4-inch 640 x 1136 Retina Display.
Samsung Galaxy 4 may lack in the the category of design from Apple’s iPhone 5 but in Display category it suppresses and leads the whole market.



Talk about the Operating Systems or software of the Smartphones. iPhone 5 inherited the family OS from it predecessor, The Famous iOS. Apple pre-installed iOS 6.1 in iPhone which which can be updated to iOS 6.1.2 or higher easily. Where as Samsung both handsets run Android’ latest versions. Galaxy 4 also has a Touch Wiz Nature UX With the newly introduced floating display technology, that gives it an edge by providing users the ability to us S-Pen like qualities with our own fingers. So, Deciding which software is better as entirely up to you as it depends on you choice and you inclination towards the either. However Samsung Galaxy S4′s Android and TouchWiz UX a whole new level of interaction and exhilarating experience that the iPhone 5 can’t provide at the moment.



Here is the Video Tutorial where you can see the hands on review and comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 and Galaxy s3.

[youtube id="DEHxQZ9nkLw" width="620" height="360"]

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