8 core processor

Samsung Galaxy S IV or Samsung Galaxy S4 will have 8 Core processor, 13 MP Camera And New 1080P High Definition Display Screen, 4.99" Screen(441 pixels/inch).

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs , 8 Core processor, 13 MP Camera, HD 1080p Display

samsung galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy S IV or Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to have such Amazing Specifications like 8Core Processor (Which would be the fastest processor ever built for a Mobile Phone) and 13MP Camera. which would be a great initiative for Samsung but Since Nokia has many handset with 12MP Camera and One with Enormous 43MP Camera , So it more like a necessity then facility now. And another Dazzling upgrade is said to be the New 1080P High Definition Display Screen. Which is as cool as it sounds, I myself would definitely wanna see how that looks.However we have seen 1080P movies on cell Phones but A whole HD Display Screen is still Something Big.But Since they are just some rumors yet nobody can not be certain about Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs unless and until a official Announcement has been promulgated by The Company (Samsung) or its representatives.

Anyhow  13MP is some huge but believe able because we heard Samsung Galaxy Note was to have a 13MP Camera which was Canceled later because of more time required for the production of it.So maybe Samsung is thinking of Making the Debut of 13Mp Camera with Samsung Galaxy S4.

1080p display on a 4.99 inches Screen, Korean site Asiae Claims that Samsung is producing 1080p  (441 pixels per inch) smartphone displays.

As Samsung Galaxy S III the first of many smartphones to introduce a quad-core processor in Mobile Phones , And Now with 8 Core processor in Samsung galaxy S4 ,Samsung is going to leave all other big shot Mobile manufacturing companies behind.