Recently on Thursday 14th March 2013, Samsung had an event in which they unveiled their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 4. They told the users about the tremendous and fabulous features of this upcoming high tech Smartphone, but they haven’t spoken a word about the price of this Smartphone there in the event.

2 days after the Official unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S 4, its price has same out. According to latest reports the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 4 will cost you $579. Yes, you heard that absolutely right $579. We were also surprised when we heard about this news through our resources.

This price is very much reasonable and cheap as well, if we compare it with iPhone 5. Apple iPhone 5 16GB costs you $649. And as compared to that this is very much less. Samsung has always kept the prices of its Smartphone very much less as compared to Apple and its other rival. And this thing kept the sales of their Smartphones very much higher so this thing is the key of success for them.

As we know that the present day is a day of high tech, having such awesome in features in such a moderate price is very splendid. This price is without including taxes. But if taxes will be added if will not be very much higher in comparison with iPhone 5.

Samsung used the same tactic when they launched Samsung Galaxy S 3. The price of Samsung Galaxy S 3 was also round about this when it was launched and because of the price it was sold very much and because of the price thing the sales of Samsung were boosted very much.

The Samsung has not officially confirmed this price. But as seen before every time every news about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has turned to be right so the detailed price sheet will be provided by Samsung approximately by the end of this week.

Well i just can’t wait for this phone. I will be  the first one to pre order this next generation Smartphone. What about you ? Don’t you really want to have this phone in your hands ?

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