Samsung Tweeted about the launch date of its Galaxy Series upcoming model the Samsung Galaxy S 4 or IV,   According to the tweet Samsung official twitter page posted, The Galaxy S4 is coming going to be unveiled in a Event going to be held in NYC at 14th of march.


Samsung has sent out the invitations for this event, and in this event Samsung is expected to announce the 2013 Galaxy S IV flagship. The Samsung have been spending big dollars on advertising and building the galaxy brand in the last few years, Samsung even outspent Apple more than ten-to-one in 2012. However this is an other assumption or more like rumor because Samsung don’t say clearly that they are going to unveil the Galaxy S 4 but these assumptions and judgments are based on the Slogan, Samsung used, which goes like this

“Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy,”


So we induced the highly likely possibility that the 4 is the next in line galaxy model of “ S” series. latest Galaxy brand Phone might indeed be called Galaxy S IV (4). But right now things are obscured and we will know for sure at the event. We will keep you posted about the latest on the S 4 and will be providing you with the news from the NYC event occurring at march 14.


source: Samsung