Messenger may have been loved and used by millions over the years but Skype does offer the chance of approaching communication with a whole new dynamic, and being able to record and log those calls using third-party software.

Pamela is offered is a freeware, but comes with certain limitations. Skype calls up to fifteen minutes in length can be recorded with the free version. The limitations regarding call record length can be removed with the purchase of a Pamela license key.

 Check out the steps below that will record Skype calls on Windows and Mac OS X in no time.

Recording Skype video calls on Windows

Step 1: Download the Pamela for Skype software from here


Step 2: Locate the downloaded PamelaSetup_Pro.exe file and double-click to begin the installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Pamela software.

Step 3: The Pamela software is an installation entirely separate to Skype. Before invoking a video or voice call within Skype make sure that the Pamela software is running.

Step 4: While running, Pamela will automatically monitor Skype calls. When a video or voice call is received or sent, the Pamela software will provide an alert asking whether the call should be recorded or not. Then simply proceed to ensure the video call is captured.

Alternatively, we can also choose to manually record a call using Pamela. When a video call is in progress, flick to the Pamela software and select the Record Video option that is represented by a record circle with a webcam icon from the toolbar. Users can then choose to record either video, audio or capture both elements of the call.

Step 5: When the video call is ended or the recording is manually stopped; the captured footage will show up in the list of recordings within Pamela.

Recording Skype video calls on Mac OS X

Step 1: Download the Call Recorder for Skype software from the


Step 2: Locate the downloaded archive and extract the contents to a familiar location.

Step 3: Double click the Install Call Recorder Demo to begin the install. Select the Install option.

Step 4: Select Accept on the Call Recorder License Agreement to proceed.

Step 5: The Call Recorder window of the software will appear when Skype is launched on the Mac. Simply click the red Record button to start recording a Skype video call.

Step 6: When the call has ended, clicking the Record button again will end the recording.