I had found another bug while i am using the application which called “Find iPhone”, This application use for mostly theft iPhones. When i recently restore my iPhone 4¬† software to iOS 6.1. and jailbreak from Evasion 1.3 and using this application , I was configure my iPhone 4 to this application and want to delete my old iPhone, it was rebooting after every 1 min. I was surprise what happened to my iPhone. I was think, I should restore my iPhone again and all the procedure like backup, restore iPhone software, restore data, jailbreak, application etc.



After think and disusing with my friend, I have use to “Reset All Setting” method and I was not sure that it will work but after “Reset All Setting” i got my iPhone back. My data, my application, my tweaks, my theme and my jailbreak. It rocks…..




Photo 2013-02-19 8 04 11 PM Photo 2013-02-19 8 04 19 PM