Microsoft is holding an event to celebrate Launch of  Nokia Lumia 920 in October 2012.Samsung Smart PC are Asus Vivo Tab are also coming with  Nokia Lumia 920.

That’s not just it. Alongside  Nokia Lumia 920 The Samsung Smart PC and the Asus Vivo Tab RT will also be made available for pre-order on October 21. Launch is expected a few days later perhaps on October 26.

Nokia Lumia 920


Microsoft has scheduled an event at end of this month probably on October 29.  Where Launching of Windows Phone 8 will be celebrated. Although sources tell that  pre-ordering of  Nokia Lumia 920  might be possible before the event date. According to The Verge yesterday , Some unknown source shared this information. The source claimed that AT&T will be the first in line with accepting pre-orders for the  Nokia Lumia 920.

 Nokia Lumia 920 will be available in retail stores in early November, provided that pre-orders have started shipping on time.