Eveybody is looking eagerly forward tpward the availability for most anticipated and latest model from samsung The Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are one of them then this is going  to be very good news from you as Samsug Galaxy S4 is coming to the markets very soon. we have been hearing some rumors regarding the pre-order dates of galaxy s4. But this is now official. Is United States,  Walmart is providing a great deal For AT&T customers if you want to reserve the Samsung Galaxy S4. At&T is offering the Samsung galaxy s4 for $199. but with wall Mart you can have the same deal for $168. so you will be saving 32 bucks. This is a 2years plan. and the money you will be paying or saving is phone’s price. So, in order to save this $32 you will have to get a contract means you can’t get this discount if you buy a ” Pay as you go” Phone.


The Walmart offered deal is not only restricted for current AT&T customers, Those who want to become At&t customer they can get benefit from the deal too.SO, This dead is available for both the Current and new customers of AT&T. And those who want to upgrade the previous contract.  Pre-orders in America are in place right now and shipping for these orders is expected to start from 23rd April,  However, Shipping date of Walmart has not been confirmed yet.

It is expected that Samsung will be shipping around 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the second quarter and. This device is anticipated to smash all other new models from rival companies.
Well, That was a good news for Americans, But what about the rest of the work. When Samsung Galaxy s4 is going to come out in Britain(UK), Australia and Canada. Well this is still not confirmed.


In Australia and all over the world all Big carriers have declared if they are bringing the S4 in their countries or not. But Shipping Dates have not be told yet. In Australia Vodafone Australia and Telstra along with other big carries have announced that they will be launching S4 soon. And it is highly likely and rumored that in Australia S4 pre-orders or shipping is going to start on 26th of April. For those who have been waiting for this moment to some including me , don;t have to wait much longer as Galaxy S4 is coming sooner the expected.


Anyway Good luck every one with your luck to get S4 in your hands as soon as possible.

Leave comments and let us know about what do you think about S4. And if you know anything about the Launching date for S4 in your countries then share with us.

source: Walmart via UnwiredView