Since the launch of untethered jailbreak, it has been waiting for some new developments by developers in this field. Now it has been confirmed that a new development has been launched in this regard which is known as Flex.


This Flex is for iPhone and iPod users and has some amazing set of features within itself. Flex has been already in news for quite a long time but it was appropriate to talk once it is launched. Flex can be defined in a very simple manner as follows:

Flex lets you exercise the limits of your device by enabling you to make your own jailbreak tweaks. The Flex Community cloud features tweaks shared by Flex users, and lets you download and install these tweaks instantly.”

So far it has been launched in Cydia for use so we can now talk about this tweak.


As you may see the definition of Flex is very much self-explanatory, we can overview and nothing is required to go into deep understanding. Flex does not cover the overall change of tweak but it is concentrated to smaller changes to your tweak and makes your iOS quick and efficient while using.

The other main feature of Flex tweak is that it is not just a minor tweak but it operates as a standalone application. This means that now users can access shared packages over the iCloud rather seeing and downloading the packages.

It will certainly be a very good attraction for those who are getting their iPhone devices jail broken in coming days as this will be a great experiment for them to have.

The Price of Fles is $3.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPod devices.