The world is changing. This is era of competition and new new revolutionary technology has totally changed people’s experience of using computers. Trends are changing, so are people’s preferences.Slowly PC users are shifting to Tablets and it seems like PC rule over computer market is coming to a close. The battle between PCs and Macs is now sifting into iPad VS. Android based Tablets. Consumers are opting to Tablets rather than PCs and shipments of PCs will drop to 65 Percent in 2013 and Tablets growth will double this year as expected by analysts.

It all started in year 2010, when PC shipments fell by 10 Percent by the holiday fourth quarter of the year and now after 2 years, in 2013 PC market share will drop to 65 Percent, down from 72 Percent last year, according to researchers at Canalys.

The reason behind all this is, Tablets can perform all basic functions which are commonly used by mostly computer owners like, browsing web, e-mail reading, songs, movies etc, moreover Tablets are easy, smart, easy to carry and do not require any mouse or keyboard.

“Pads and, increasing, smart phones can perform many of the day-to-day computing tasks that most people require” says Pin-Chen Tang, Canalys research analyst about this. Recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told his interviewers that he has ‘Ditched’ his keyboard for iPad. To give meanings to his words Canalys forecasts that Touch-screen devices like iPads, iPhones and Hybrids like Microsoft’s Surface Pro will capture 59 Percent market share of PCs in 2016.

Definitely every computer and Laptop maker has to adapt the changes to have Pace in this growing competition, like Microsoft introduced it’s surface, which is hybrid version of a laptop and any tablet and it looks pretty impressive but they should have introduced it little earlier as it seems too late for it. They designed Windows 8 to breath new life into PC market but it is expected that there will be opposite affect of it.

“it is perceived that a PC with a touch-screen is needed to get the best user experience,” analyst Tom Evans said. “In the current economic climate, this will be enough to make people delay purchases as they wait for prices to fall.” The analysts add the in future most of the PCs will look like Surface. However, PC applications are still bound by a keyboard and a mouse. It is clear that Microsoft is now pushing touch as the primary input method for Windows, but keyboard and mouse are still needed for legacy applications,” he added.