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iPhone and iPod users now can directly download songs from Amazon online MP3 store for iPhone & iPod, from Amazon’s Library consisting of 22 Million Songs.

iPhone and iPod users now can directly download songs from their iDevice as Amazon launched an online MP3 store for iPhone and iPod users, which allows them to purchase and download music from Amazon’s Library consisting of 22 Million Songs. However, there is one thing, You can only purchase songs via the Safari Web browser, instead of Amazon's apps.Simply put, the process of buying and downloading is not as easy as doing the same task through iTunes.

amazon online mp3 store

Music purchases are automatically saved to the Cloud Player library wherefrom they can be downloaded or streamed from the iPhone, iPod Touch. If you own a Kindle Fire or an Android phone or tablet or any Web browser you can download Songs from Amazon in the same way and since Amazon’s MP3 mobile site is created on HTML5 Language, you can make purchases directly from the mobile site

Ever since Amazon Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod touch has been launched, a fair number of customers are requesting the ability to buy music from Amazon from iPhones and iPods.

"For the first time ever, iOS users have a way do that." Steve Boom quoted.


Amazon, Apple, and other companies have been battling over providing consumers with content like music, movies, and books. Amazon earns more mobile-related profit from the sale of the songs and other media it sells than from the sale of its devices.

iPhone and iPod users have been able to enjoy the Amazon's apps such as Kindle and Cloud Player but they were not able to buy songs and download them to their devices. But Now, after the launch of this MP3 store anyone using an iDevice can not only listen to the songs but also download them and keep them permanently, Once it is paid for. e-reading apps Kindle, Nook, and Kobo used to avoid paying the share by any means such as sending the customers to a Web sites outside the app. But that changed last year as Apple made some changes in policies and conditions.

amazon mp3 store