xbox 360

Xbox 360 concluded another Successful Black Friday holiday sales period, selling more than 750,000 consoles in the U.S. during the week of Black Friday. Despite its aging factor Xbox 360 is still attractive for shoppers after its creation seven years ago. Microsoft has been hiding this sale figure for unknown reasons but the fact is that its sales has been exceptions as compared to the last year, when in 2011 its sales were 43% but this year it has increased to the percentage of more than 50%.

As per Microsoft, the total number of services of Xbox has been around 14k all across the United States on the eve of Black Friday.
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Xbox LIVE was also a huge hit, People are not rushing towards Microsoft stores for Xbox not due to its gaming but for the other services which has been introduced since its creation over the passage of time; it is their entertainment applications which are lucrative for both users and the Microsoft. Microsoft reports that, streaming live and on-demand video and music content is something that many Xbox 360 owners are now taking advantage of. With more and more media partners coming online all the time, this section of Microsoft’s business will only be destined continue to grow.

This has almost made obvious that Microsoft is not planning to have Xbox console upgraded to a new version in future. She is happy how the things are going with this version. Microsoft wants more money to come into its reserves through this product.
We can also observe that despite the launch of big names like Halo 4 and Black Ops II, Microsoft Xbox console is still a hot cake. Microsoft now faces increased competition from Nintendo Wii U console, which debuted in the US earlier this month. The Wii U sales crossed 400,000 during its launch week, with the original Wii still commanding 300,000 sales. The surprising high in sales for the Xbox 360 comes shortly after the release of Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, both popular titles this holiday season.
Sales data will be available in early December, which will determine the top performer for November, but it looks like Microsoft will likely hold on to its bestselling record, for now.