Nvidia announced its plans to produce for the first time its own hand-held video-games consoles. This Console is called Project Shield, It is an Android-based Device, Has  5"  touch-screen display with joystick, buttons and other controls.

It is designed to link to PCs offering access to more powerful games. Making its own Products is a new development in Nvidia business activities as it has been focusing on selling chips and graphics cards to other manufacturers. Maybe it is the time for these company to stand on their own there has been news that  Intel also is working on its own device – a television set-top box. 

NVidia announced this at this year's Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. Chief executive officer of NVidia, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang made this announcement However,it is not yet revealed that when this console will be released and neither date or price for the device was mentioned, but he did display a working prototype of this console and its specifications.

According to Specs this console is bigger than an Xbox controller. while having a 720p screen resolution it still can play games and video in the 4k standard on a compatible TVs via an HDMI cable. It also have the new quad-core Tegra 4 chip processor – which company claims is the the fastest mobile processor on the market.

The console also has a "shield" button that takes users to a games store featuring games from the Google Play Store. it can also run other types of apps like music players and Facebook as two examples. It can be paired with a computer via Wi-Fi, which has one of Nvidia's GeForce video cards to run PC games. So, the desktop computer's processors empowers the software an provides higher quality graphics. Earlier this year Sony was seen projecting lower sales for its PlayStation Vita – analysts reckoned it is due to the growth of gaming on smartphones and tablets.

Nvidia's this move probably would not be well taken by hardware makers that currently use its chips. As A Tech Site Said ”It is a bit of a reach for Nvidia as it does not typically involve itself much with the end-user," Nvidia might have to face some consequences for this act, By doing such a thing everyone would wonder if they're going to alienate any of their really close partners, and if they have the ability to get consumers to buy into it. I mean what is they could not perform better in the market. They will have to go back to their old friends.

Any who, I would like to get my hands on one of these console and check out what is it that Nvidia is so much bragging about.

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