For almost a month there have been rumors that Nokia Lumia 928 is coming to Verizon. But now it has been confirmed Via this leaked screenshot.

Nokia Lumia 928 PureView and Nokia Lumia 828 Pureview1

Check Out the the leaked Screenshot showing that Nokia Lumia 928 is Coming to Verizon Soon. Also showing Nokia Lumia 828 in Red,Grey and White Confirmed For Verizon. We first heard about the This Nokia Lumia 928 Known at that time as “Laser” in late January that it would make an appearance along with another Nokia Model Called the “Catwalk” which is now rumored to be bound for T-Mobile USA.


See the leaked Picture Below from Verizon’s internal system, it shows a line-item of Nokia devices including Lumia 822 in three colors the red, grey and white. As well as an another model The Nokia Lumia 928, Entering into the Verizon’s system in mid-January. That lead us to think that the new Lumia is coming to Verizon.  we also saw Nokia model RM-860 visiting the FCC recently. 
Let’s talk about the Nokia Lumia 928 now as we know it would at least be as wholesome as the Lumia 920 in the line of Windows Phone 8. The screen resolution will be 1280×768 so its highly likely that it might not look like the 920.

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