I have been receiving many comments that there is some cellular connectivity failure after downgrading to previous version of iPhone. Some of you have restored your iPhone using redsnow others have used iTunes directly but in both ways more or less this problem seems to be occurring lately. I have been asked to come up with and provide with the solution of this problem as soon as possible. so here I am . Trying to figure out what really is causing this problem.

There are certain things which I ask to my commentators one of which is , which actually is a very common one ,the first would pop up in your head when you hear of such problem and that is An Factory Unlocked Model. You have to be assure before upgrading or downgrading that your iPhone is a Factory unlocked model. It is not locked to any specific carrier. There are many ways to figure that out which of which is; where and how did you get your iPhone where you bought it under a contract or under pay as you go deal. And whether it supports single only carrier which it came along or runs every SIM you put in it.

After assuring and reassuring that you have an iPhone which is Factory unlocked. Then you should go for the upgrade and downgrade respectively.

Or Maybe you have download the IPSW from web and upgraded through the REDSNOW software. In that case I presume that above said issue doesn’t prevail.

All I can come up with now is maybe you failed to downgrade or upgrade properly. You might have made a mistake in process. But that’s less likely because once it has downgraded and everything else seems to be working just fine then what mistake possibly might have occurred in process and why had it only affected the Cellular service.

Well I still am looking into that hopefully will come up with some promising solution as soon as possible.

Until then stay tuned and leave comments in case one of you figures it out or works something out, please share.



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