So all the rumors were correct. Apple has finally announced a 128GB version of the 4th Generation iPad with a Retina Display. Apple has also released the pricing- the Wi-Fi model would cost $799 while the Wi-Fi Plus LTE model costs a staggering $929. This is almost as expensive as the base model of MacBook Air. The new model is not available on the shelves yet but Apple says the new model will be available from 5th Feb.

In the Apple press release, the company cites some specific cases for such a gigantic iPad-specifically the AutoCAD files and multi-track music files. All of this shows that the iPad is trying to be prominent in music-making. And this ambition obviously requires a lot of storage for data and hence Apple has come up with an iPad with a mammoth storage capacity of 128 GB. Unfortunately for iPad mini users, this new storage capacity is exclusive only to the full sized iPad and not the iPad Mini.