iphone 5 nano sim card

T-Mobile has Started Distributing the Nano Sims for iPhone 5

As we know, sooner iPhone 5 will be launched and people already started bookings for new apple’s creation.

Not only phone but preparation about it’s new SIM card is also started because iPhone 5’s tray will hold Nano SIMs which are further about 40% smaller than micro SIM. T-Mobile already has started distributing Nano SIM to its retailers.

This new design was by Apple itself and then was adopted by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The news is also sprung that some European carriers had begun to stock new Nano SIMs and also testing them with Apple.

Both Images and Videos of Nano SIM tray were also leaked and said to be new tray for iPhone 5. In photos they were compared with old ones a well.

iPhone 5 is going to be the first phone using Nano SIM cards, of course they are going to be the bright future SIMs.

A German website which has hold of T-Mobile Germany’s Nano SIM, iFun , they gave following notice to their retailers:

“Dear partners,

you will receive today a new generation of SIM cards for the latest generation of smartphones that come in the near future on the market. Sort your SIM card please first not in their cards in hand and give it not out to customers. We will inform you shortly about how to proceed.”

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