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Influence of Microsoft on IT Industry

The IT industry is consistently growing and there are few top companies that are playing major role, out of which Microsoft is the most popular one. It was established back in 1975 and since then they are consistently improving and playing its part. The most popular product offered by Microsoft  is Windows, the most widely ...
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Instagram App For Windows Phone

Windows phone were not very much liked in the beginning. But from the past year or two they have gained the attention of the users. As we know that they competition is rising day by day and everyone is trying out really hard to keep ahead of the other. Microsoft has brought a lot of their ...
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Battlefield 4 Release Date For Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Battlefield is a first person shooter game which is developed and published by Electronic Arts. This game series was started back in 2002 when EA launched the first installment of Battlefield series, Battlefield 1942. This installment of Battlefield series went quite successful and after than one after another many installments were launched. All these installments went ...
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How To Block Contacts In Skype In Windows 8

Skype is a free video call and voice messenger which is being used around the globe everywhere. This free video and voice call messenger was launched back in 2003. Microsoft bought it in 2011 for 8.5 Million so now Microsoft is the owner of this enterprise and at present it is being operated by Microsoft from ...
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