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Linux Mint 14 “Nadia,” has been launch a few weeks ago, Linus team behind the popular series of Linuxes is already working on its next release " The Linux Mint 15". The current version, “Nadia,” the linux 14  was rolled out in November. And this version is expected to be released by the end of this year as Linux Mint issues new releases twice a year.

As every Linus Version has a name, for instance Linux 14 is called "Nadia", The name for Linux Mint 15 is yet to be decided but what is for certain are some Feature which I will share with you. So, Linux lovers hang tight as these might be the coolest ever.

linux mint 15

 Here are The features we can expect to see in Linux Mint 15.

1. Nemo 1.8

Linux Mint 15 the upcoming  version of Linux Mint will use Nemo 1.8.Along with an action API, disk management, file preview capabilities, and user interface improvements.

2. Cinnamon 1.8

Linux Mint 15 the upcoming  version of Linux Mint will use Cinnamon 1.8. along-with the famous desktop widgets, Like system monitor, terminal, and picture, video, and slideshow frame; themes with configurable color schemes; calendar.

3. Mint Display Manager (MDM) 1.2

Linux Mint 15 also contains MDM 1.2  bringing new capabilities to Linux concept.

These are not it there will be many more cool and amazing features, like user interface improvements and  live installer, coming in Linux Mint 15.

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