iphone 5s release date

iPhone 5S release date is set to be in the month of June 2013, According to the Reports iPhone 5S featuring wide range of colors will be launched in June this year along with the Cheap and Low-Specs iPhones.

Over the last few weeks speculations are spiking about the release date of the iPhone 5, along with the Price and specifications of this next-generation iPhone. There is no doubt that Apple's iPhone 5 proved to be a very popular purchase, and Now reports are says that The iPhone 5S might get more popular then it preceding iPhone. Moreover Apple is planning to release new iPhone by June of this year.

These has been several reports claiming that Apple might be planning on offering the new iPhone in a variety of colors like they offered selective range of colors of fifth-generation iPod touch. The Michael Walkley from Canaccord Genuity has provided us with the insight that iPhone 5S is coming this June, He also supports the hype of higher and lower-end iPhone to cater for all markets.

we can believe these reports as Apple’s traditional release schedule for the iPhone backs it up and it also would fit perfectly in with the WWDC, a conference which Apple is hosting in San Francisco. Apple seems to want to tap into the budget market consumers who prefer to buy contracts which are pre-paid. This Lower specification iPhone is likely to get success in regions like China, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Lower-end or low specs iPhone would lack 4G LTE compatibility and may come wit 3G connectivity technology. Brian White from Topeka Capital shared this thoughts that the low-end devices which are specifically intended for price conscious consumers and markets may feature a smaller 3.5-inch display, and standard iPhone shall feature the 4-inch screen it is in the iPhone 5.

All of the Rumors that is mounted, at the moment are entirely, speculations. However, it’s likely for us to see and get more information about the next-generation iPhone as the years goes by, but it would be very interesting to see how consumers react to a colorful range of iPhones given that such rumor turns out to be legit.

(via BGR)